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Update for March 2019 – The Doll Collector

Hello again, beloved readers. Sorry I haven’t been as active lately. I just want to make this update to tell you why. I know some of you have emailed asking about my doll collection and what I’ve sold and what I’ve kept. The truth is, as most of you know, I’ve moved into other avenues of collecting and my dolls are still sitting on the shelf. However, I have gotten an interest in antique dolls from China lately. I also want to ask if any of you know where to get some good antique Chinese dolls for a good deal, either online or in a shop as I am planning a trip to China soon to build my doll collection.

I call it a trip but it’s more like a getaway because I’ll be there in China for several months. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog while I’m out there but I’ll still be able to email so I can stay in touch with some of you. I’m also thinking about starting a new Facebook page if I can fit in the time. It’ll be a Facebook page all about doll collecting so stay tuned for that, but no promises, as I barely use Facebook these days.

Other News From The Doll Collector

  • One of my good friends, Kendra, just got married!
  • I recently beat the original Doom on the hardest difficulty using my collectible computer from the ’90s.
  • My friend who works as a tow truck driver in Winnipeg came over to visit the other week and we had a blast.
  • I’ve been super busy with my new job, which is the main news here. My new job involves speaking to people on the phone as I work in a call station for a knife selling company based off the internet. So in other words I also started collecting knives because I get a discount!

That’s what’s been up with me lately and I’ll be going to China rather soon here so you might not hear from me in a while. I have about two weeks so if you have any ideas that I should blog about on the The Doll Collector before then then give me a shout!

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend!