A Theory About Today’s Vintage Car Collectors in the Future

A lot of the the cars that weren’t so popular in their days of production will, I believe, become the foci of car collectors in the future. Much like how HP Lovecraft became a cult classic much after his death because he could be discovered in magazines, so will old cars from the 20th century. Today car collectors hold some of the last vestiges of car knowledge and by the time 2050 rolls around these old car collectors of today will become sought-after experts in vintage cars because everyone born between now, in 2019, and on won’t have the advantage that car collectors today do when it comes to having access to old car knowledge.

So if you have a passion for collecting old, vintage cars or even cool unpopular cars from the ’80s and ’90s, then hold onto that passion tightly because you ill be a rare commodity in the future as the technology of cars drastically changes in upcoming years.

This is just a theory of mine as a collector. I like to observe how things that were never popular or even heard of suddenly become cult classics later in life and I believe the car industry is a place where this phenomenon still has yet to really take off. After all the car as an invention is still young. We have sword collectors who have thousands of years of history behind the things they collect and car collectors don’t.

So be proud of your love for collecting cars. If you know how to work with a good, old fashioned piston engine than keep that knowledge safe and don’t forget it because the car collectors of the future will need you!