Plans for 2019! The Adventures of a Modern Collector

Some of my dear readers may be disappointed to hear that I’ll be travelling a lot next year and so won’t have a lot of time to write for this blog. I want to visit Venice and stay there for several months while I work on a fiction story for potential publication. This blog has helped my writing skills improve a bit and I want to use those skills at attempting something that could make a long lasting impact on the world. Living in a hotel above the water in Venice will be perfect for the inspiration I need for this story.

So what is this story about?

It’s about several things…

  1. A boy who must become a man
  2. Corruption in medieval politics
  3. The medieval culture of Italy and the roots of the Italian mafia
  4. A dangerous journey from Florence to Venice

Why am I writing this story?

You’ll have to wait till the story is published before I give all the million-dollar juicy bits away but I’ll still give you a brief rundown of why I think it’ll be so revolutionary to the world of literature. I’m writing this story because there’s nothing else like it yet. Sure it has all the things that every story needs to be good, but it also has many things that you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t want to say what those things are quite yet, as I really have lots of hope for this making it big to the movie screens.

For a hint I’ll tell you that this young boy, the protagonist, is part of the elite of Venice and by the end of the book he’s what you could call “beyond-elite.” His fame spreads wide and far for the way he was able to gain so much power and wealth is so strange. He’s done something no one has done before, just like I will when this story is finished.

So I hope you won’t miss me too much as I take some time off in Venice. I’ll be staying at a beautiful hotel, using the money from selling one of my rare dolls to take a gondola up and down the canal with breakfast every morning. I’ll be leaving in less than a month and don’t know how long I’ll be gone–maybe up to six months. at least two. So goodbye for now!