Becoming a Collector & Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion and becoming a collector may seem like two different things, but really deep down they’re the exact same, as becoming a collector requires finding something you’re passionate about. A bottle cap collector mayn’t be as passionate about his bottle caps as he is about his wife and children, but there’s passion there nonetheless.

So my advice for anyone who is looking for their passion is to ask them, ‘What would you collect?” And my advice for anyone who wants to start collecting is, “What are you passionate about?”

To prove that becoming a collector and finding your passion are connected, just look at readers. Readers who read everyday may not consider themselves to be collectors eventhough they’re always adding to their collection of books.

Today I just wanted to share this truth as it’s been on my mind all morning. Most people who have passions are also collectors without even knowing it or admitting it. A welder who loves welding is a collector of welding rods and wires. A gamer who loves gaming is a collector of games. And so on and so on.

So next time you meet a collector, think of what your passion is and realize that you too are a collector!