Dolls for Landscaping Hamilton Ontario Landscapes

I was asked recently if I’ve ever collected outside dolls much and it occurred to me that I never considered “outside dolls” before. What are outside dolls? They’re dolls that are cute and collected just like any other doll but they’re also meant to stay outside as decoration in the landscape. People put them in trees, by doorways, in gardens, etc. A gnome, for example, can be considered an outside doll if you’re not too pedantic about it.

I’m bringing this up today because it was brought to my attention that a fellow doll collector in Hamilton Ontario did some cool landscaping using dolls. Unfortunately I do not have photos because it was an article on a pamphlet I read but I will be talking about other ways in which we can landscape with dolls using the inspiration I got from landscaping Hamilton Ontario.

You can turn any doll into an outside doll but the trick is to choose the right one to match the style of your landscape. The landscaping companies Hamilton Ontario has that used dolls did things like have leprechauns hiding in trees, dolls dancing in gardens and even little mini parades. The landscaping looks amazing, as you can imagine, and the dolls really are the highlight of the display.

My favorite idea for using dolls in landscaping so far is one I’m sure hasn’t been done yet. Basically, I want to have a bunch of landscaper dolls set up around a property looking like they’re doing landscaping. This would be hilarious because the dolls would have miniature lawnmowers, pruning sheers, and other landscaping tools. I’ve seen something similar on Twitter where someone had miniature dolls set up in an inside garden but it wasn’t outside landscapers.

I’m sure there’s tons of more fun stuff you can do with dolls in a landscape. What are your ideas? I’d love to hear them. Email them to me and win a chance of having your idea featured on my blog.