Still Journeying – Upgraded A Computer – Got An Old Computer Fixed

Not every collector is a collector of many things. Some collectors only collect certain things, others collect things they make themselves. Others are collectors without even knowing they are. Others are super proud to be called a collector and they go to collecting groups to meet others with the same interests. Me, well, I’ve been travelling still, traveling into many focuses and one thing I found myself collecting is old school computer video games. I’m talking like really old school computer video games like Doom and Miner from the mid 90s where some of my peers think high end to-the-minute personal computer technology was best.

To facilitate my recent collecting spree I upgraded a second hand computer from Craig’s list, removed all the bugs from it and wiped the hard drive, installed new graphics cards and even got the computer tower screen fixed, some fans replaced and I was looking at a heavy investment before I broke down in a fit after playing Doom for 4 hours straight.

I had realized 4 things!

  1. I didn’t need a fancy 21st century gaming computer to play games from the 90s!
  2. Downloading the game online is nothing like buying the real thing!
  3. These high def monitors only stretch out the old games. I need a monitor from the 90s!
  4.  Ok, screw it, I’m going to build my own historically accurate 1996 computer with old school windows, fans that squeak, a mouse and keyboard from the 90s and everything attached!

With those 4 realizations effecting my rational thinking, my collecting interests took a glide and I traveled up around my area in thrift stores looking up old keyboard and mouse model numbers to see if they were from the 90s. In a matter of a month I bought 5 keyboard from the 90s, one of them from the year 1990 itself, and also 3 old ball mouses from the 90s as well, and they all work. i even found an old windows computer that had windows 95 and Doom already installed on it! i was playing right after I had turned the thing on for the first time and I felt like a had felt when I had left my country for the first time! Things were getting exhilarating again.

Until …

Everything crashed!

Yup, you heard me. The computer I had bought for $50 crashed right before I was about to beat a level and I nearly broke one of my precious keyboards. Not knowing where I’d turn I searched for a quick fix because I’m not a super nerd when it comes to everything about the inside of computers and I found this great great computer repair Victoria BC company I think they deserve a shot out. After a bit of call time, the mobile computer nerd came out to have a look and I must have been the luckiest man in the world because, I don’t know how he did it, but my computer was fixed and I’m back on my collecting spree!

I got the original CDs for Starwars: Dark Forces, Warcraft 2, and tonight I’ll be playing some Stonekeep, but I have to give the disc back to my friend next weekend.

It’s funny how life can take a collector of travelling experiences to collecting memories. These memories I’m building just enjoying the old technology I love to touch and use. If you’re a gamer who loves older games then I highly recommend that you show your passion some love and play those games on devices that were built in the same year as the game was made. It makes the whole gaming experience so much more authentic.

I forgot to mention a special pursuit I took. In order to get a special shipment of old computer parts from Winnipeg, I had to hire a special driver. I was so excited for these parts that when I found out my driver’s car broke down before he could even leave his city, I ended up paying for his tow truck Winnipeg service, even giving the tow truck driver a big tip. Nothing was going to stop me from getting these rare computer parts. Each part has stopped being manufactured for over then years and will one day be worth a lot more money than it cost me to pay for the driver and his towing service.

Well, I’m glad to say the parts have arrived. That’s why I updated this post. I never thought my old curse of collecting old computers would come back. But it did! I thought it was just a faze but here I am in the New Year playing the classic Doom on my ancient PC.

So cheers to old school video games!