dinner in Italy

Summer 2018 Update! What has this collector been up to lately?

A spent a good portion of my summer travelling through Italy as I’m great friends with a renowned collector of old musical instruments there. He’s a rather obscure, paranoid fellow and so to do him a favor I won’t be mentioning his name here, but I will talk about the fun adventures we had. The main point of this update post will be to share an amazing new thing I realized collectors can start collecting; it’s something I never considered before.

So what’s my latest collection? The funny thing is, my new collection is in little bits and pieces floating around the ocean getting eaten by fish and whales while you read this. Yup, you guessed it. My new collection is dining experiences! In Italy it’s easy to rack up a good collection of eating experiences, and when i’m looking to add to my collection in this aspect I don’t get skimpy. I only collect the best of the best, and that often means $200 dinners!

The Club del Doge Restaurant in Venice gave a beautiful waterside experience I’ll never forget, and the Il Palagio in Florence was mind-blowingly amazing. To make sure these experiences never leave my collection true loss of memory, I’ve kept a souvenir from each one. Sometimes it’s just a napkin with  logo on it; other times it’s a fancy mind or a toothpick. I keep them all in a little tin box to examine whenever I feel like re-enjoying my amazing collection.

I’m planning to get more frequent with my blog posts for my small audience who wondered where I’ve been. Please don’t worry about me, for if I’m not collecting blog posts I’m out collecting something just as special!

Talk soon!