A Traveler’s Journey

This Is A Journey Of An Explorer.

Like most people, I also dreamed of travelling from a very young age, and it kind of sparked the snowball effect.

Reading stories and watching movies about other countries and the different cultures around the world were the primary things that inspired me to become a world-class traveler. And like most people, I realized at an early age that you don’t just become a traveler because you decided to. More often than not, life gets in the way of living or in this case travelling.

I am a collector of experiences… 

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I guess I’ll get my feet wet first!

I am the first featured collector to this new website! I am looking forward to sharing, here we go!

Staying at my workshop, cutting boards and building cabinets is just a day in my life as a carpenter. From sunup to sundown, my mind, arms and body are turned towards my work table, finishing drafts to calculate the proportions and executing these plans. I’m always busy with my hands, working with raw materials to build structures.

But making furniture, doors, and window fittings is not everything I do. I also take construction projects to work as a framework carpenter, establishing the building frames for commercial and residential properties. It all seems like a lot of work, but I have been doing this my whole life – Now, pounding on nails and drilling are no different from breathing, for me.

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It all started with coins.

As most collector’s begin young, as did I. My collecting began with the desire to withhold the oldest coin in the city. This didn’t last long as the urge to obtain more and more items sank into my skin so quickly I can’t even begin to explain. Some people call it hoarding, though I am not one to think of collecting as “hoarding”. Materialism is one thing, I understand I can not take any of these things with me when I pass on to the afterlife, though what I can promise is that when I am here, I will cherish these things. 

What do you collect?