About The Collector

I plan to feature many different collectors on this wonderful webpage of mine.

I myself am nothing special. I am just an individual who has an enormous amount of stories, and a few acres full of goody goody gum-drops. I’m here to further explore what I have in-stock really. It sounds quite funny but the reality of it is is that I have so many things on my property that sharing the stories might create some ideas for me. What kind of ideas? Well to start things off what I might do with it all! Selling the acreage isn’t really in the equation but at the same time I would like to make use of some… I’m a collector, what can I say.

Steel, gold. silver, jewels, cars, paintings, sculptures, coins, I am truly all over the map. I hope you enjoy my stories, If your interested in sharing some history about your collectibles, I’m always an open ear.