Update for March 2019 – The Doll Collector

Hello again, beloved readers. Sorry I haven’t been as active lately. I just want to make this update to tell you why. I know some of you have emailed asking about my doll collection and what I’ve sold and what I’ve kept. The truth is, as most of you know, I’ve moved into other avenues of collecting and my dolls are still sitting on the shelf. However, I have gotten an interest in antique dolls from China lately. I also want to ask if any of you know where to get some good antique Chinese dolls for a good deal, either online or in a shop as I am planning a trip to China soon to build my doll collection.

I call it a trip but it’s more like a getaway because I’ll be there in China for several months. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to blog while I’m out there but I’ll still be able to email so I can stay in touch with some of you. I’m also thinking about starting a new Facebook page if I can fit in the time. It’ll be a Facebook page all about doll collecting so stay tuned for that, but no promises, as I barely use Facebook these days.

Other News From The Doll Collector

  • One of my good friends, Kendra, just got married!
  • I recently beat the original Doom on the hardest difficulty using my collectible computer from the ’90s.
  • My friend who works as a tow truck driver in Winnipeg came over to visit the other week and we had a blast.
  • I’ve been super busy with my new job, which is the main news here. My new job involves speaking to people on the phone as I work in a call station for a knife selling company based off the internet. So in other words I also started collecting knives because I get a discount!

That’s what’s been up with me lately and I’ll be going to China rather soon here so you might not hear from me in a while. I have about two weeks so if you have any ideas that I should blog about on the The Doll Collector before then then give me a shout!

Thanks for visiting and have a good weekend!

A Theory About Today’s Vintage Car Collectors in the Future

A lot of the the cars that weren’t so popular in their days of production will, I believe, become the foci of car collectors in the future. Much like how HP Lovecraft became a cult classic much after his death because he could be discovered in magazines, so will old cars from the 20th century. Today car collectors hold some of the last vestiges of car knowledge and by the time 2050 rolls around these old car collectors of today will become sought-after experts in vintage cars because everyone born between now, in 2019, and on won’t have the advantage that car collectors today do when it comes to having access to old car knowledge.

So if you have a passion for collecting old, vintage cars or even cool unpopular cars from the ’80s and ’90s, then hold onto that passion tightly because you ill be a rare commodity in the future as the technology of cars drastically changes in upcoming years.

This is just a theory of mine as a collector. I like to observe how things that were never popular or even heard of suddenly become cult classics later in life and I believe the car industry is a place where this phenomenon still has yet to really take off. After all the car as an invention is still young. We have sword collectors who have thousands of years of history behind the things they collect and car collectors don’t.

So be proud of your love for collecting cars. If you know how to work with a good, old fashioned piston engine than keep that knowledge safe and don’t forget it because the car collectors of the future will need you! 

Plans for 2019! The Adventures of a Modern Collector

Some of my dear readers may be disappointed to hear that I’ll be travelling a lot next year and so won’t have a lot of time to write for this blog. I want to visit Venice and stay there for several months while I work on a fiction story for potential publication. This blog has helped my writing skills improve a bit and I want to use those skills at attempting something that could make a long lasting impact on the world. Living in a hotel above the water in Venice will be perfect for the inspiration I need for this story.

So what is this story about?

It’s about several things…

  1. A boy who must become a man
  2. Corruption in medieval politics
  3. The medieval culture of Italy and the roots of the Italian mafia
  4. A dangerous journey from Florence to Venice

Why am I writing this story?

You’ll have to wait till the story is published before I give all the million-dollar juicy bits away but I’ll still give you a brief rundown of why I think it’ll be so revolutionary to the world of literature. I’m writing this story because there’s nothing else like it yet. Sure it has all the things that every story needs to be good, but it also has many things that you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t want to say what those things are quite yet, as I really have lots of hope for this making it big to the movie screens.

For a hint I’ll tell you that this young boy, the protagonist, is part of the elite of Venice and by the end of the book he’s what you could call “beyond-elite.” His fame spreads wide and far for the way he was able to gain so much power and wealth is so strange. He’s done something no one has done before, just like I will when this story is finished.

So I hope you won’t miss me too much as I take some time off in Venice. I’ll be staying at a beautiful hotel, using the money from selling one of my rare dolls to take a gondola up and down the canal with breakfast every morning. I’ll be leaving in less than a month and don’t know how long I’ll be gone–maybe up to six months. at least two. So goodbye for now! 

Collecting Kitchen Appliances: Proving We’re All Subconscious Collectors

Many of us, or shall I say all of us, are collectors without even realizing it half the time. I mentioned this in a previous post where I talked about finding the passion of collecting. Besides shoes and bed sheets and towels, I thought of another great example to prove that each and every one of us is a collector. It’s just human nature!

This example may not apply to everyone, because I know many people who rent rooms and own no kitchen appliances of their own, but collecting kitchen appliances is something every homeowner does and they do it subconsciously without even thinking about it.

While thinking of how we can collect appliances, like having a toaster, a microwave, a toaster oven, a fridge, a coffee maker, a blender, etc, I came up with a few other funny examples of things we collect without thinking:

  1. Health products
  2. Wall decorations
  3. Clocks
  4. Business cards
  5. And if you’re anything like my grand parents, children!

Even people in days of old collected kitchen utensils without consciously realizing they are collectors, like revealed in the image below:

collecting kitchen utensils without thinking in days of old 

Some people do collect kitchen appliances on purpose, like my friend who works for Appliance Repair Vancouver and keeps a bunch of extra appliances around his garage just in case he needs a certain appliance part or has to replace a client’s appliance altogether. He doesn’t collect appliances, however, for the same reasons that I collect dolls and old computers. He does it for his work and that’s understandable.

So with that out of the way, let’s not forget that subconscious collecting is part of human nature and there’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes collecting can be a bad habit if you’re a murderer who collects faces, but that’s a rare example that I hope you don’t have to worry about. Collecting can also be a bad habit if you’re a hoarder. I saw on TV this one hoarder who had three fridges, four ovens, six washing machines and two washers because he was unable to throw away his broken appliances even when there was no hope of ever repairing them.

If you know of other things that homeowners collect subconsciously, I’d love to hear of them in the comments below!

I thought it was important to mention this today because obsessive collecting is something usually frowned upon in society because it’s seen as something people do by impulse and denotes lack of self control. This can be very true when people do online shopping and can’t stop themselves from buying a new purse or a mechanic tool to add to their collection. But sometimes these people don’t even call themselves collectors. They just say they love shopping. I wrote this blog post to help these people see that there’s nothing wrong with them. We’re all collectors!

And I’d really love to see a future where impulse collecting is praised rather than frowned upon. When we all realize it’s something we all do, the same reason why you have nearly a dozen appliances in your kitchen, perhaps collecting will be seen for what it really is–a fun, healthy habit!

And it’s not only people that collect things, it’s animals and corporations, too! It’s known that some birds are attracted to shiny things, like crows, and they’ll sometimes fill their nests with hacksilver because they’re naturally born collectors. Squirrels collect nuts to last them over the winter. Bears collect fat under their skin to do the same. And, like my grandparents, alpha lions collect children!

Appliances, whether they’re for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room, are something you see in every home and no one thinks twice to say, “Hey, you have a problem! Why do you have the need to collect all this stuff?”

In fact, it would be rather bizarre if someone said this, so why do we accept it when people call collecting bottle caps bizarre, or collecting dolls. Maybe you’re argument is that appliances make domestic living more comfortable and collecting dolls does not. But that’s only your argument because you don’t know what it’s like to be a conscious collector. For me, collecting dolls does make domestic living more comfortable. Indeed, if someone took my doll collection away, I would feel very, very uncomfortable, maybe even more uncomfortable than you would feel if someone took your microwave away because I have a strong passion when it comes to dolls, and I doubt you have a strong passion about your microwave.

Anyways, as usual this was just some food for thought. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more!

Summer 2018 Update! What has this collector been up to lately?

A spent a good portion of my summer travelling through Italy as I’m great friends with a renowned collector of old musical instruments there. He’s a rather obscure, paranoid fellow and so to do him a favor I won’t be mentioning his name here, but I will talk about the fun adventures we had. The main point of this update post will be to share an amazing new thing I realized collectors can start collecting; it’s something I never considered before.

So what’s my latest collection? The funny thing is, my new collection is in little bits and pieces floating around the ocean getting eaten by fish and whales while you read this. Yup, you guessed it. My new collection is dining experiences! In Italy it’s easy to rack up a good collection of eating experiences, and when i’m looking to add to my collection in this aspect I don’t get skimpy. I only collect the best of the best, and that often means $200 dinners!

The Club del Doge Restaurant in Venice gave a beautiful waterside experience I’ll never forget, and the Il Palagio in Florence was mind-blowingly amazing. To make sure these experiences never leave my collection true loss of memory, I’ve kept a souvenir from each one. Sometimes it’s just a napkin with  logo on it; other times it’s a fancy mind or a toothpick. I keep them all in a little tin box to examine whenever I feel like re-enjoying my amazing collection.

I’m planning to get more frequent with my blog posts for my small audience who wondered where I’ve been. Please don’t worry about me, for if I’m not collecting blog posts I’m out collecting something just as special!

Talk soon!


Becoming a Collector & Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion and becoming a collector may seem like two different things, but really deep down they’re the exact same, as becoming a collector requires finding something you’re passionate about. A bottle cap collector mayn’t be as passionate about his bottle caps as he is about his wife and children, but there’s passion there nonetheless.

So my advice for anyone who is looking for their passion is to ask them, ‘What would you collect?” And my advice for anyone who wants to start collecting is, “What are you passionate about?”

To prove that becoming a collector and finding your passion are connected, just look at readers. Readers who read everyday may not consider themselves to be collectors eventhough they’re always adding to their collection of books.

Today I just wanted to share this truth as it’s been on my mind all morning. Most people who have passions are also collectors without even knowing it or admitting it. A welder who loves welding is a collector of welding rods and wires. A gamer who loves gaming is a collector of games. And so on and so on.

So next time you meet a collector, think of what your passion is and realize that you too are a collector! 

Exercising for Brain Benefits

Collectors are known to go to some crazy heights to get a collectible, but if they’re anything like me they like to spend a lot of time hanging out with their collection when they’re not out on a collecting spree. Like with my recent obsession for playing classic PC games on vintage computers, for a time my “going to crazy heights” was over and I was merely “hanging out.”

Recently I haven’t been able to enjoy my hobby as much because I’ve had this mosquito dwelling around my ear whenever I’m not paying attention and it keeps telling me, in a whispery little voice, “exercise, exercise, exercise. Why don’t you exercise you lazy pickle head.

My answer has always been an excuse, until yesterday when I got back into sports. I haven’t felt better in months. It was yesterday morning when I started to feel a bit of inspiration. While eating one of the healthiest breakfasts I’ve had in years, I watched this Ted Talk by Wendy Susuki about how exercising helps new brain cells grow, especially when you get your heart going. It’s a good inspirational talk, but there’s real academic research out there that can explain exercising’s relationship with adult brain growth.

For those wondering, my exercise of choice is tennis. It may have been fate or it may have been a coincidence that my friend offered to play tennis yesterday, either way I might have only done some push ups around the house if she hadn’t called me. I think she could sense they way I was feeling from the air–we’re long-time friends.

To make it easy for you I’ll just break down a list of the things I learned today while reflecting back on my exercise, as someone who really needed it, because, let me tell you, the tennis games I played really were a major work out:

  1. Exercising in the evening when you still have time left in your day makes the rest of that day more memorable as your focus and motivation become stronger.
  2. Exercising, like Wendy says in her Ted Talk, has a long-lasting, energy-boosting effect that has, I believe, given me the energy to write this (I should really be collecting another Ted Talk in my brain).
  3. Perhaps the most awesome thing I learned out of this whole experience has been that IT’S SO FUN TO COLLECT TENNIS BALLS! Seriously!

Still Journeying – Upgraded A Computer – Got An Old Computer Fixed

Not every collector is a collector of many things. Some collectors only collect certain things, others collect things they make themselves. Others are collectors without even knowing they are. Others are super proud to be called a collector and they go to collecting groups to meet others with the same interests. Me, well, I’ve been travelling still, traveling into many focuses and one thing I found myself collecting is old school computer video games. I’m talking like really old school computer video games like Doom and Miner from the mid 90s where some of my peers think high end to-the-minute personal computer technology was best.

To facilitate my recent collecting spree I upgraded a second hand computer from Craig’s list, removed all the bugs from it and wiped the hard drive, installed new graphics cards and even got the computer tower screen fixed, some fans replaced and I was looking at a heavy investment before I broke down in a fit after playing Doom for 4 hours straight.

I had realized 4 things!

  1. I didn’t need a fancy 21st century gaming computer to play games from the 90s!
  2. Downloading the game online is nothing like buying the real thing!
  3. These high def monitors only stretch out the old games. I need a monitor from the 90s!
  4.  Ok, screw it, I’m going to build my own historically accurate 1996 computer with old school windows, fans that squeak, a mouse and keyboard from the 90s and everything attached!

With those 4 realizations effecting my rational thinking, my collecting interests took a glide and I traveled up around my area in thrift stores looking up old keyboard and mouse model numbers to see if they were from the 90s. In a matter of a month I bought 5 keyboard from the 90s, one of them from the year 1990 itself, and also 3 old ball mouses from the 90s as well, and they all work. i even found an old windows computer that had windows 95 and Doom already installed on it! i was playing right after I had turned the thing on for the first time and I felt like a had felt when I had left my country for the first time! Things were getting exhilarating again.

Until …

Everything crashed!

Yup, you heard me. The computer I had bought for $50 crashed right before I was about to beat a level and I nearly broke one of my precious keyboards. Not knowing where I’d turn I searched for a quick fix because I’m not a super nerd when it comes to everything about the inside of computers and I found this great great computer repair Victoria BC company I think they deserve a shot out. After a bit of call time, the mobile computer nerd came out to have a look and I must have been the luckiest man in the world because, I don’t know how he did it, but my computer was fixed and I’m back on my collecting spree!

I got the original CDs for Starwars: Dark Forces, Warcraft 2, and tonight I’ll be playing some Stonekeep, but I have to give the disc back to my friend next weekend.

It’s funny how life can take a collector of travelling experiences to collecting memories. These memories I’m building just enjoying the old technology I love to touch and use. If you’re a gamer who loves older games then I highly recommend that you show your passion some love and play those games on devices that were built in the same year as the game was made. It makes the whole gaming experience so much more authentic.

I forgot to mention a special pursuit I took. In order to get a special shipment of old computer parts from Winnipeg, I had to hire a special driver. I was so excited for these parts that when I found out my driver’s car broke down before he could even leave his city, I ended up paying for his tow truck Winnipeg service, even giving the tow truck driver a big tip. Nothing was going to stop me from getting these rare computer parts. Each part has stopped being manufactured for over then years and will one day be worth a lot more money than it cost me to pay for the driver and his towing service.

Well, I’m glad to say the parts have arrived. That’s why I updated this post. I never thought my old curse of collecting old computers would come back. But it did! I thought it was just a faze but here I am in the New Year playing the classic Doom on my ancient PC.

So cheers to old school video games!

A Traveler’s Journey

This Is A Journey Of An Explorer.

Like most people, I also dreamed of travelling from a very young age, and it kind of sparked the snowball effect.

Reading stories and watching movies about other countries and the different cultures around the world were the primary things that inspired me to become a world-class traveler. And like most people, I realized at an early age that you don’t just become a traveler because you decided to. More often than not, life gets in the way of living or in this case travelling.

I am a collector of experiences… 

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I guess I’ll get my feet wet first!

I am the first featured collector to this new website! I am looking forward to sharing, here we go!

Staying at my workshop, cutting boards and building cabinets is just a day in my life as a carpenter. From sunup to sundown, my mind, arms and body are turned towards my work table, finishing drafts to calculate the proportions and executing these plans. I’m always busy with my hands, working with raw materials to build structures.

But making furniture, doors, and window fittings is not everything I do. I also take construction projects to work as a framework carpenter, establishing the building frames for commercial and residential properties. It all seems like a lot of work, but I have been doing this my whole life – Now, pounding on nails and drilling are no different from breathing, for me.

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